Nicole Lang


Nicole has been a Client Service Manager with Cambridge Investment Research since 2022. She joined Trinity Wealth Management in October 2023 and reports directly to Kim Holland and her practice within our firm.

Nicole holds her Associate in Business Administration, a graduate of The Minnesota School of Business.

  Nicole brings 12 years of experience in various roles within the financial services industries. She worked directly with one of the Largest Mutual Fund Companies, American Funds for 10 of those 12 years.  Nicole’s decade-plus acumen in the securities brokerage arena has provided a value-add offering to our Firm and our clientele.

 This partnership offers strategic and seamless new client onboarding, client liaison experience with all aspects of administrative transactions.

 As our client service Manager, Nicole advocates on behalf of Kims clients and custodians, to ensure they are supported and well informed about their financial investment transactions.

 In addition, Nicole helps coordinate many aspects of Kim’s day to day portfolio operation, ongoing assistance with client reviews and planning by providing ongoing data maintenance and recordkeeping.

One of her greatest joys in her career is making sure the entire process is easy and effortless for Kim’s clients. She is articulate at combing through paperwork to ensure every box is checked and every T is crossed. This ensures transactions go smoothly.

Nicole is a Minnesota native having grown up in Central MN. In her free time Nicole can be found cheering on her sons at their various sporting events, attending her local church, while organizing/volunteering within her congregation. She is passionate and committed to helping people in all areas and walks of life.