Retirement Plan Management

401(k) plans have become the one and only source of retirement saving for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, employers are becoming increasingly the focus of lawsuits accusing them of not providing their employees with the most up-to-date and most competitive plans. Does your 401(k) suffer from poor plan design, limited and inferior investment opportunities, excessive costs or bad investment management.

Does your plan offer face to face and one on one advice from a financial advisor, or are your employees left to dial a toll free number? Don’t let your co-workers act as financial advisors. If you do not have an education policy statement in place, you need one. Maybe it’s a good time for a complimentary review.

There is hope. There is a 401(k) plan that can address the needs of both the employers who administer the plan and the employees who pay for it. The Trinity Wealth Management 401(k) solution allows companies to offer a truly valuable benefit to their employees. Our goal is to help the participants achieve their retirement goals while simultaneously reducing costs.

  • Quarterly employee education and financial fitness programs.
  • Executive level financial planning for ‘key employee’ and executives.
  • Diversified asset allocation models based on individual employee needs.
  • We handle the entire transition process making everything seamless.

There is no doubt, workers with a 401(k) plan are most likely to be able to maintain their standard of living upon retirement. Make sure your employees are getting the benefits you want for them.