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Amanda  Bjornson

Amanda Bjornson

Insurance Consultant

Amanda takes pride in believing that the client comes first, therefore recognizes maximum efficiency within a firm can also benefit the client. This is conveyed as she advises firms on how to incorporate best practices in all areas at the corporate level, allowing firms to consistently increase their revenue. This includes advising on optimization of advisor engagement, processes, systems on documenting sales and activities, software, marketing materials, finding overlooked opportunities for increased sales, as well as assessing opportunities for portfolio enhancement.

Some of the many key concepts Amanda provides guidance on:
- Intergenerational Wealth Transfers
- Retirement Income Strategies
- Estate Equalization
- Corporate Estate Transfers & Business Succession Planning
- Key Person Protection & Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
- Long Term Care Solutions
- Philanthropic Planning/Charitable Gifting

With her experience in handling all aspects of an insurance application and underwriting, she is well suited to advise firms on how to advocate for their clients, and how to work closely with insurance carriers.

Amanda continuously strives to positively influence the lives of others.